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Commercials & Campaigns

Nevlers Ad Camapign

Marisa was a part of Nevlers campaign for their Inflatable loungers. She modeled in stock photos, instructional videos, and social media content for the company. Nevlers is a home & outdoor supply brand. It's sold at Amazon,  Wayfair, Walmart, Home Depot, and more. 

Baleaf Athletic Commercial

Marisa starred as the overly bubbly purchaser in Baleaf's Commercial for their women's athletic products. She goes into a vivid daydream when being asked about the product quality. Along with filming the commercial, she also participated in interviews and videos for their page on Amazon.


The Merrick Inn Commercial

 The Merrick Inn is the finest in traditional southern dinning.  Marisa co-stars in the commercial playing a young woman who frequents the legendary Kentucky restaurant with her partner. The nostalgic commercial depicts the couple sharing meaningful moments with the viewers. 

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